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Anna Coren Journalist | Reporters | Achievements

Anna graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Communications from Charles Sturt University, and she has journalism experience spanning over 15 years at CNN. A proud Australian national, she has become a remarkable figure in the field of journalism. For Her outstanding contributions have earned her several prestigious awards, including the Emmy Award for winning international correspondent, the Gracie (Alliance of Women in Media) Award, the Breaking News Award, the Royal Television Society (RTS) Award, and the Asian TV Awards. Anna News covers conflict zones, countries, natural disasters, geopolitical issues, and activists for women's rights. Her coverage is not limited here; she also covers on-the-ground reporting of war zones in Ukraine, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Crimea. This commitment to a global perspective is evident in the way she reports each news story, making her a trusted source for audiences seeking comprehensive and insightful coverage.

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